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ALSA Magazine: Udayana Highlights is an official magazine published by the multimedia division of ALSA LC Unud which contains one of the Local Chapter in Bali, Udayana University and about 1 period of management of ALSA LC Unud. This magazine is published 1 edition for 1 local board period.

ALSA Magazine 6: Udayana Highlights 2023

Cover AM6.png

ALSA Magazine 4: Udayana Highlights 2021

4 A.M. Cover.png

ALSA Magazine 2: Udayana Highlights 2019

2 A.M. Cover.png

ALSA Magazine 5: Udayana Highlights 2022

2022 ALSA Magazine 5: Udayana Highlights. The substance is about ALSA LC Unud Board of 2022.

ALSA Magazine 3: Udayana Highlights 2020

3 A.M. Cover.png

ALSA Magazine 1: Udayana Highlights 2018

1 A.M. Cover.png
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